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Once again Carmarthenshire Road Safety Team and its Engagement Partners will be offering FREE Biker Down Courses plus we hope to work with  Road Safety Team to secure a FREE Dragon Rider course for the second time in Llandovery on 4th of July. We  encourage everyone to take advantage of these opportunities and sign up now!

The Biker Down course is an educational and engagement tool delivered by Operational Firefighters aimed primarily at the motorcycle community with the focus on contributing to the reduction of serious injury. Available from 12.30am to 3.30pm on the 4th of July.

The Dragon Rider course is a day of learning and practising advanced motorbike riding techniques with instruction by highly qualified instructors - and is great fun! Contact Carmarthenshire Road Safety Team for a space now!   Starts 9.00am at the Llandovery Motorbike Weekend in the Mart.

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